We are indeed all connected

This is an intresting video to watch and listen to. It may be hard to understand at times but the point it’s trying to get across is very deep and something that some simply can’t or refuse to get their head around.

The molecules that make us up we can all agree are very tiny and hard to see. If you are not sure what exactly a molecule is or the atoms that make it up please see this wikipedia article on molecules.  When you think about the molecules that make us up it is really hard to describe exactly how tiny they are in comparision to units of measurement that we are used to.  Now think about the size of our planet, most will agree that in our sense of measurement Earth is a fairly large object.  But in the grand scheme of things in the universe it is nothing, it would be less that the size of a molecule in comparision to the entire known universe.

Now here is a random thought for you to ponder, what if the universe as we know it is simply something that is a tiny part of something even bigger?  There is so much we don’t know about the universe and there are even somethings we don’t know about the matter that we are composed of. 

I orginally was linked to the video here


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