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32 New planets discovered, is there one I can live on yet?

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

This last week there was a total of 32 new planets discovered. That is an amazing amount to me as these planets are very hard to spot as they are so far away. It really says something for the advancements we are making in technology. It is to bad that it is highly unlikely that we will travel to one of these planets in my lifetime or for that matter the lifetime of anyone who is alive currently.

Maybe it is just my love for science ficton or my strong desire to get off this planet bit I really wish we were to the point where we could travel to and live on other planetary bodies. There is nodoubt in my mind that there is a planet out there somewhere that is very similar to Earth in many features and can support life as we know it. Not to mention the planets that are not like ours but can still support life.

A planet doesn’t need to be cool to support life, look at the life that lives at the bottom of the sea near the hot underwater vents. Life can survive and thrive in the harshest of enviroments so what makes anyone think that there can’t be life on some of the planets that are in our solar system?